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Welcome To Dick Miller's Gallery & Store


For the first time, we bring you our presentation of the unique and startling drawing style of Dick Miller. For over 50 years, these amazing pictures have not been seen by the public. Now, a limited edition of numbered reproductions in poster style is being made available for those who want the truly artistic and strange work of this fine artist. Each is personally autographed and numbered by Dick Miller. These exquisite unframed pieces are reproduced on 11x17 heavy gauged glossy poster stock, and are accompanied by authentication documentation. Individual pieces are priced at $100.00. If your wish to purchase the set of six for your Dick Miller wall or coffee table display, the aggregate price is set at $540.00 affording you a 10% savings for your volume purchase.


Publicity Stills

...and here’s a packet of delicious, delectable, and delovely 8”x10” unframed stills of Dick Miller to add to your collection. Each is priced at $25.00 plus shipping and handling.


















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