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Born December 25, 1928 in Bronx, New York, Dick Miller began his career in the world of entertainment at the age of 8 as a singer at a resort in the Catskill Mountains. At 15, he got a job painting scenery for a Summer Stock company. That is where he first tried his hand at acting. His first role was as a butler in an English Comedy. Following his discharge, his activities branched out to include his work as a drummer for Bobby Sherwood, a stint as a radio Disc Jockey on WNEW and WOR, and a spell as a late night Talk Show Host on “Midnight Snack”.
Dick’s educational pursuits included both dramatic arts and psychology. He attended, City College of New York, Columbia University and New York University ultimately attaining his PhD in psychology. As a graduate Psychologist, Dick worked at Bellevue and Queens County Hospital.

Hello Hollywood! Dick arrived in the early 1950’s. He met Roger Corman through a friend. Since he had written jingles and gags while in New York, he sought work as a writer in Hollywood. Roger told Dick didn’t need a writer, he needed an actor. That being the case, Dick declared himself an actor and Roger gave him a job as one. His first film for Roger was “Apache Woman”. Actually, the rest is history.

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